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              Business Bundles
              Online Only
              Get $100 Off
              Get One Month Free
              with New Purchase of an Internet + Phone Bundle
              New business customers only. Requires online purchase of 2-yr term qualifying bundle; offer not available everywhere. Restrictions apply. See Details See Details

              Business Bundles

              Internet + Phone
              Just $104.99 $84.99/MO for 2 years. Up to 40 Mbps.

              Speed may not be available in your area. New business customers only. Requires 2-yr term, Autopay and E-bill enrollment.
              Rate excludes taxes, fees and surcharges. See Details

              Enter address to check for deals at your location.

              Current Customers: Call 855-891-4083 for savings and offers.

              Current Customers: Call 866-476-9909 for savings and offers.

              Our Most Popular Package

              Limited Time Offer! Online Only.


              Get One Month Free
              with New Purchase of Internet + Phone Bundle

              Get $100 Off
              with New Purchase of Internet + Phone Bundle

              New business customers only. Requires online purchase of 2-yr term qualifying bundle; offer not available everywhere. Restrictions apply.
              See DetailsSee Details

              $8499 /MO for
              2 years

              Internet + Phone

              Up to 40 Mbps

              Speed may not be available everywhere.

              $6499 /MO for
              2 years
              High-Speed Business Internet Up to 40 Mbps

              Speed may not be available everywhere.

              $2000 /MO for
              2 years
              Unlimited Local and
              Nationwide Calling

              WHY BUY

              Bundle Internet with Phone

              It's Fast, Reliable and Secure


              Get the speed you need with offers that meet a wide range of needs. Plans range from basic Internet service to robust 1 Gig broadband. (Speed may not be available in your area)

              UNLIMITED LOCAL &

              Crystal clear calling over a secure landline that provides solid reliability, even during power outages and storms.


              Get popular calling features such as call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, business voice mail and many more.

              BUSINESS EXTRAS

              Office 365, Secure Online Backup, DIY business website and email are all included at no additional charge.


              Reliable business Wi-Fi available with 40 Mbps+.

              HOW TO BUY

              Ready to buy or need help finding the best solution for your business?

              Call 855-891-4083

              Call 866-476-9909

              1.  We will check service availability at your business address.
              2.  We’ll assess your internet and phone usage and needs.
              3.  You’ll receive a recommendation and price quote for how we can best support your business needs.

              Business Bundles FAQs

              We offer speed and pricing options to meet a wide range of Internet usage needs. Our most robust packages offer speeds up to 1 Gig (Speed may not be available in your area).

              See Speeds Available at My Business >

              Our most competitive pricing requires a two year commitment. However, we have month to month options available as well. Call a small business team member at 855-891-4083866-476-9909 to review month to month options.

              Our entry level pricing for Internet + Unlimited Nationwide Calling is $84.99/month for up to 40 Mbps with a 2 year term, Autopay and E-bill. We also have additional offerings from 60 Mbps to up to 1 Gig available (Speed may not be available in your area).

              Search Available Offers at my Location >

              Yes, you can add additional phone lines to your service. Prices vary by location.

              Calling features available include Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and more.

              See the full list of calling features >

              Office 365: Get Two Licenses of Microsoft Office® 365 Essentials at no charge. Additional licenses available to purchase.

              • Create spreadsheets, presentations, and documents with Microsoft Office Online.
              • Connect with business-class email including a custom business domain.
              • Secure your business-class email with anti-malware and anti-spam filtering.
              • Collaborate with shared calendars, unlimited online video conferencing and a private instant messaging network.
              • Store and Share files in one central location with nearly unlimited storage capacity.

              Web Site

              • DIY Business Website

              Secure Online Backup

              • 20 GB of online back up in order to secure and backup your critical files.

              We offer two options for installation.

              1. Self Install: Install the modem yourself. $14.99 one-time shipping fee.

              2. Standard/Full Install: The technician sets up your modem and connects your computers. $59.99 one-time fee.

              Standard/Full install may be required at certain locations.

              You can lease or purchase your modem. Pricing will be displayed in your shopping cart.

              Get Started >

              Have advanced networking or IT needs?

              Visit our website for medium and enterprise businesses

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