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              Business Internet
              Special Offer!
              Get a $100 Reward Card
              with SIMPLE Internet Purchase. 
              New Business customers only. See Details
              SIMPLE Internet
              For Business
              Just $65/MO.*
              No Long-Term Contracts*
              Modem and installation fees apply. Rate excludes
              taxes. Maximum speed is 140 Mbps. Speed may not be
              available in your area. Offer Details
              Enter address to check for deals at your location.

              Current Customers: Call 877-744-4491 866-794-8979 for
              savings and offers.

              One Flat Monthly Rate

              Our Best Internet Price

              No Deposit Required

              WHY BUY
              CenturyLink SIMPLE:
                Internet that's all business.

              Low monthly price with no long-term
              contracts, cancellation fees or
              activation fees.

              Set up automatic monthly bill
              payments from a credit or debit card.

              We'll give you the highest speed available in
              your area for one low monthly price.

              Reliable business Wi-Fi available
              with 40 Mbps+.

              Customer service experts are ready
              to help 24/7.

              How to Buy

              With Our Fast and
              Simple Setup, Getting
              Started is as Easy as 1–2–3

              Check Speed And Availability
              At Your Business

              Enter your business address to review
              Internet speeds currently available for
              your business location.

              Choose Your Gear And
              Install Date

              Let us know if you want to buy or lease
              your modem, and then select from
              installation options available at your
              business location.

              Complete Your Order
              And Get Connected

              Finally, provide us with your contact
              and billing information, and we'll get
              you connected.

              Frequently Asked

              Have advanced networking
              or IT needs?
              Visit our website for medium
              and enterprise businesses.
              Take Me There

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