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              woman holding a phone

              Small Business Phone

              Phone services for a traditional office or a mobile workforce.

              Traditional landline service offers clear, high-quality calling.

              Prices starting at:
              For the first line, when you bundle with Internet with a 2-yr term, Autopay and E-bill. Stand-alone pricing and additional lines also available.
              Why Buy?

              Crystal clear voice quality over a secure connection

              Unaffected by power and internet outages

              Wide-ranging calling features

              Extra extensions and advanced features available with additional on-site hardware (PBX)

              Ideal if You:
              • Regularly conduct conference calls
              • Need phones to continue working in the event of a power or internet outage
              • Use phone lines for fax machines, credit card transactions or alarm systems
              Business VoIP provides an advanced phone system and features.

              Prices starting at:
              Per line, CenturyLink Internet service required minimum 10 Mbps/1 Mbps and qualifying equipment required.
              Why Buy?

              Mobile and remote access included with office phone features

              Easy to set up and to add additional lines, no IT staff required

              Mobility features like follow-me call routing and remote office

              Ideal if You:
              • Have mobile or remote employees who need access to office calling features out of the office or at home
              • Don't want to invest in an IT staff to manage phone system updates and maintenance
              • Need advanced calling features and don't want to purchase and support additional hardware
              Buy Now
              Ready to buy or need help deciding the best solution?

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